What do you think? 💭


Is there such a thing as an original thought? If there is, how many original thoughts do we truly have? I was thinking about how much we let our thoughts define us, and considering if we should…


Think about it. How many thoughts run through our mind on a daily basis? I say run through because not every thought that goes through our mind stems from within us 🤔

Some thoughts come from out there, while some are planted by others through interactions and conversations. Even the thoughts we consider our own are influenced by our experiences and environment. Even so, thoughts are powerful things. When we dwell on them long enough to see them as our truth, they can define us 💡


This can be good, but it can also be to our detriment. It means our mind can hold the power to manifest our wildest dreams, or hold us back from ever pursuing them. That is how powerful our thoughts are! Moreover, our thoughts and opinions can form bridges that bring us closer together, or destroy the bonds that make us one. We are so opinionated, and history tells a grim story of how far we go to stand up for our beliefs. We are different, and so we hold different thoughts, opinions and beliefs. This is why a single thought can lead to war or peace ☮️


Most thoughts and opinions are based on feelings and not facts, yet we esteem them so highly. When some of our opinions are validated as fact, we tend to use this as a reason to shove them further down people’s throats 😫

I think we can do better. We can learn to separate our Self from our thoughts. We should be open enough to welcome different views without feeling threatened by them. It is easier to see the truth that way, in all things. What do you think? 💭


Yours in Inspiration,
SammyVundla ✍🏾 

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