Trial & Error 📲


So, I was arguing with myself about publishing this sequel to Online Dating, and my #JustDoIt side finally won 🏆


I would like to discuss my Online Dating experience with you, but like in more detail…

Okay – I’m not going to mention any names 🤭 but I think this is worth sharing. Let’s start with Tinder, lol, well this is a short story because I found absolutely no matches here 🙅🏾‍♀️ and I gave this app a chance shem, but after two weeks of not finding a match – I had to keep it moving 🚗💨


Enter – Bumble 🐝 I almost instantly got matches, which really excited me – but I counted my eggs way too early 🌚


I met guys with all kinds with different intentions, some just wanted to have fun, and some were in search of a meaningful romantic relationship – the latter were definitely my types 🙌🏾


Though I must mention that this didn’t stop me from flirting – after all I was single and finally ready to mingle 🥳


After sifting through my choices – I had one particular match that I gave my undivided attention to, we moved our chat to WhatsApp and even met up 🤗 He really is a good person shame, but it just wasn’t an ideal time for our match to flourish…

I am so grateful that I now know better, so I do better When I recognised the signs that our connection wasn’t going to thrive, I was able to quickly tap-out and regain my momentum 🚀


So to conclude, I definitely recommend Online Dating especially to people who know what they want and act responsibly 💯


Try it out & let me know how it goes – nothing but love,
Aphelele ✍🏾

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