The Price of Freedom


I have observed that everybody respects revolutionaries in retrospect, but nobody who has anything to lose wants a revolution to take place during his lifetime… 


We say we want change, but who is truly willing to do what it takes to bring change about? Who is willing to pay the price?

We speak so passionately of injustice and freedom in times of peace. We come together to have lengthy debates about radical change and the power shifts we so desperately need. We discuss the necessity of economic transformation and the decolonisation of institutions. But when history presents us with the opportunity to take action, we cower away in fear of losing the little that we have.


Freedom always comes at a hefty price. Attempts at change are nearly always met with resistance and backlash from those who benefit from the oppression of the masses. 


Nobody wants violence, destruction and death, so I understand why nobody wants to disrupt the status quo. However, once the status quo is disrupted for whatever reason, there is no going back. Change becomes inevitable, either in favour of the ruling elite or the masses.

Some moments, as awful as they seem, are catalysts for change. When such catalysts occur, the people are afforded a rare opportunity to realise their own power. During such moments, the people can either truly stand up for themselves and govern… or be beaten into further submission by the ruling elite. 


Either way, nothing remains the same. It is true what they say; the only constant is change.


Yours in inspiration,
SammyVundla ✍🏾 

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