The Corporation: where dreams go to die


Ok, so maybe the title is a little dramatic. But for those who are in a steady (or not so steady) gig, how many times do you stop to think – am I living my dream?..


For me, the question has been crossing my mind more and more and honestly, the answer is just “I don’t know”.

Growing up in a small town all I wanted to do was become a “boss” – not quite sure I knew what that meant. I had no notion of the world beyond my little sugar-cane community.


Luckily, my school endeavours opened up opportunities for me to travel abroad and I learnt that there is a whole world out there. A world with people of different languages, cultures, mindsets and beliefs. That is the world I wanted to explore!


Education was the key to a world of opportunity for me. And with my mom being a teacher, it planted a seed in my heart to one day build a school so that other kids could be exposed to the oyster that the world is like it had been for me.


Buuuut, not so fast – the need to get good grades, get a degree and be self-sufficient took over that dream very fast. Then it was all about the rat race, bills, deadlines, targets, scorecards – adulting! AAAAAH

It might not be as bad as I describe it. My career has led me to meet some of my best friends in life, sent me to some interesting places, and pushed my critical thinking skills to another level.


But my dream is still my dream…


How do you balance survival with the pursuit of purpose?


Yours in inspiration,
Mpumz ✍🏾 

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