#SupportLocal: Earthly Q Personal Care


I am eternally grateful for the lovely souls I have the utmost privilege of encountering as I navigate through life. So much so that earlier in my blogging career I developed a segment titled: ‘Inside (person’s name)’ – remember that?..


So, fast-forward to today and it brings me joy to debut the first blogpost under the #SupportLocal segment, where I interview the entrepreneurs around me 🎤


Ms. Anele Ngcoya has gracefully agreed to be our first feature and she presents Earthly Q Personal Care 🤗

Please introduce us to your brand…

Earthly Q is a personal care brand that offers a range of affordable skin care and natural hair care products that are designed to #LevelUp your self-care regiment.

Our products are made with naturally derived and organic ingredients and are designed with the black African woman in mind. These are available on our online store (www.earthlyq.online/shop) and we ship nationwide at only R60.

What three words best describe your brand?

Natural. African. Affordable.

What inspired you to establish Earthly Q?

Earthly Q started off as a hair care brand, which has evolved into a personal care brand. I had short hair until I was in 19 and doing my first year, which was when I realised how little I knew about natural hair care and how expensive natural hair care products were at that time.

This led me to mixing my own products, tinkering with different ingredients and formulas for my own hair and then for other people. And the rest is history…

Have you identified your target market? If so, who would your ideal client be?

Our target market is someone we refer to as the Earthly Queen. She is a black South African woman that loves being black and female. She is not bound by the lines of age as she is constantly learning and unlearning more about her identity, environment, and social impact.


She is intentional about loving her body and taking care of the environment that she lives in. Well-rounded wellness is what she seeks consistently.

How has your target market’s response to your brand been like?

We’ve mostly received great feedback, most of the areas of improvement for Earthly Q are around service delivery. Our star product is the Starter Natural Hair Care Unit with includes three products, namely a cleanser, moisturizer and hair butter) for only R175.

Most people cannot believe that it is as affordable as it is (considering the fact that we use natural and organic ingredients to make our products) and we love that. There are always ways we can do better though.

What do you intend on achieving through Earthly Q?

Our primary mission is to make premium organic personal care products accessible to black and brown women in Southern Africa. To change the idea that natural hair care is difficult and improve skin care knowledge and resources for black women.

One more time, for the people in the back, where can we access & engage with your brand more?

If you are, or know a #Naturalista – don’t sleep on Earthly Q… Instead, do best by familiarising yourself with the brand and its offerings 👌🏾


Earthly Q offers a unique solution for all our personal care needs and now that we’re aware of them, it’s time to #SupportLocal ♥️


Yours in inspiration,
Aphelele ✍🏾

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