Self-therapy 💊


I was pleasantly surprised when I learned that this is an ACTUAL thing. Like what? We can actually aid our own healing like that?…


Never-mind me realising just how much power I have over my own life, but when my doctor told me that one of the main intentions of attending therapy is to get us to learn and realise that you are your own solution – I was mind blown 🤯

You see, I hadn’t been able to attend therapy for a while now (because of the extra expense it results in 😩) – which made me look into more affordable ways to help me keep my sanity 🙃


Well doing this has reaped only good results and this all happened at a time when these kind of ‘movements’ were more accepted by society 💯


These are some of the things I do that help me maintain my balance:


Every morning, after my ‘take-it-easy’ jog, I practice a form of yoga 🧘🏾‍♀️

My relationship with this practice started during my first year in tech and it has now become a part of my lifestyle 🙏🏾

My life was really changed after surviving the fatal car accident I was involved in (which I discuss HERE) and my yoga practice assisted my body with its healing process. I will forever be grateful for that❣️

Listening To Music

Music has remained as my constant friend, in times of joy, sadness, celebration and praise 🙌🏾


There’s definitely a song for EVERY MOOD and I find it so healing to listen to a song whose lyrics talk directly to my current situation. It’s actually as if I’m talking to someone who knows EXACTLY what I’m going through


I really enjoy to engage people in conversation, but my truth still remains as that writing is my preferred form of communication 👌🏾


I write not only to express myself, but also to organise my thoughts. My truth is that I’m always in constant communication with myself (in my head) and it’s very easy to forget or over-look those conversations I have with me. But when I write, I am able to pause life for just a moment and truly take account for what is happening within me ❤️


This, for me, is similar to listening to music. I enjoy reading biographies, autobiographies, memoirs and self-help books/articles 📚


Reading someone else’s story and learning how the perspective was shifted and how they used what they had to empower them, really renews my personal hope in a better tomorrow 👌🏾

Having Quiet Time

Last, but certainly not least – I intentionally allow myself to take a break from it all and have a moment for myself 🤫


I allow myself to literally say: “World STOP” 🤚🏾 Just so I can relax into me. Lol, yeah my quiet time normally becomes a nap – so I have included it in my night routine. No talking, no chatting, NOTHING 🙅🏾‍♀️

Isn’t it amazing how doing these little things (that we so often overlook) can help maintain your mental, emotional and physical health? How do you keep your balance?


Yours in Inspiration,
Aphelele ✍🏾 

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