Self-Check: Mid-Year Reflection


Last week, I sat across the desk from my manager for my mid-year performance review…


As we rambled through the list of things I had committed to deliver, my growth and development prospects, what’s next for the balance of the year, I got to thinking…what about my personal goals?

Where am I as a person this year? The second half of any year, more often than not, tends to be the ugly cousin. Oftentimes, one feels so overworked and tired from pushing so hard towards the goals we set in January (if we still remember what those were – eek!) that it feels like there is just no more push left.


Self-reflection is necessary to remind us of why we do the things we do. Is it worth it? Is it important? All those things that are really important will not disappear because the months have rolled on by.


Whether you started on a high and are losing momentum, or you had a rough start and feel like you have no more left in you, take a moment to breathe and re-assess. Fix your crown, reconcile your priorities and look forward to closing off with a bang! You owe it to yourself to have something positive to show for your effort.

I personally have had a rather lack-lustre first half of 2018, but I’ll be damned if I let the hick-ups of a few months define my year. In the bigger scheme of things, what is a few months anyway?


The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step (some wise person once said), yours could be today.


Yours in inspiration,
Mpumz  ✍🏾 

*This blogpost was first published on 17 August 2018, here on the insideWomen Blog

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