Seek Meaning Instead


Be positive, and don’t forget the happy thoughts. Your life right now is the result of your thoughts…


If you want to change your life and find happiness, change your thoughts. It all starts in the mind; that is what culture preaches. How simple?!

I cannot deny the truth in these statements, but I sometimes question their practicality in reality. It is easy to be happy and positive when life is smooth-sailing. Life, however, is unpredictable and far from smooth-sailing. Life gets difficult, it gets messy. Life has highs and lows, we win some and we lose some. Things do not always go according to plan.


We are guaranteed to fail multiple times, and we can be certain we’re going to be disappointed and hurt at some point. That’s life. It is precisely when life happens that our positivity and happiness are truly put to the test.


Can we get back up again inspite of falling again and again?


Can we fail with our head held high and our spirit intact?


Can we persevere through our struggles?


Can we maintain our positive outlook when life happens?

I would like to argue that courage, grace and resilience matter more than positivity. Meaning matters more than happiness. The search for meaning is a better pursuit than that of happiness. Unlike happiness and positivity, we can find meaning in the worst of times.


In fact, when we are faced with life’s worst, it is meaning that truly gives us the will to go on. It is courage that gives us the strength to get back up. It is grace that determines how well we handle our lows. Let’s seek these ahead of happiness.


Yours in inspiration,
SammyVundla ✍🏾 

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