Not Everyone Wishes You Well


This is such a sad truth, one that has taken me longer than I’d wish for to believe…

In my head: everyone around me loves and supports me just as much as my parents do. The amount of love and support I grew up receiving from both my parents made me so sure that once I go out ‘into the world’ I would receive the same. I know much better than that now 🙃

Now I know that not even everyone in the church you attend to every Sunday wishes you well. Someone in your own family wishes you weren’t born. I know, that sounds awfully dramatic but don’t be fooled – it’s not too far from the truth 🙅🏾‍♀

I have found that it is so important to know this fact, and navigate the world with this knowledge. Not to be suspicious of every human you encounter, but to be able to mainly keep the company of those who actually do wish you well 👍🏾

Does it really matter that much what other think about you or wish for you? Not when only what you believe determines the trajectory of your life  💯

Yours in Inspiration,

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