Love Yours


A write up on the socials brought about the inspiration to this blogpost. Paraphrased it read:

"If we were all to be allowed an opportunity to bring our problems onto the table in exchange for someone else's, everyone would silently take back their own and leave." 

This resonated so much with me because in actual fact, nobody’s life is only smooth sails. Irrespective of how we may choose to perceive another person’s life as flawless, the reality of the matter is that we all go through life’s ups and downs at different levels and points of our lives. What we all have in common as humans is exactly that, not a single person has a perfect life, to believe that such a life exists is a lie.


It takes walking a mile in a person’s shoes to realise that their life is just as imperfect as yours, if not worse. The one thing that gets us through while keeping us going is a desire to not give up on this life thing. We may stumble and fall numerous times but we also rise as often as we fall.


As soon as one makes the decision to make the best out of their life and play whatever cards they’re dealt, it does tend to make life less worrisome.

Understanding that life will have both rough patches and smooth sails is the winning strategy. Accepting all that one is and is not is also another very effective coping mechanism.


Life is never perfect, isn’t supposed to be. Let go of the false facade that there’s a perfect life somewhere waiting for you because such a life doesn’t exist.

Realistically speaking, everyone that may seem like they’re living their best life, is just making conscious efforts to make the most of the life that they have, which may in-turn come across as though life is perfect on their side.


The real power is in accepting your life with all its facets and try and make the most of it.


Given a chance to exchange your so called “problems” with someone else you’d realise that yours is nothing but small matters. Train yourself to truly and holistically love yours…


Yours in inspiration,
Nondumiso ✍🏾

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