Life Is For The Living


The current times we live in are filled with much uncertainty about what the future holds…


So much is happening at the same time and the worser it gets, it seems we get discouraged the more and our circumstances furthermore degenerative.

Our hearts are constantly gripped with pain, losses, and uttermost gut-wrenching news after the other. However, as unprecedented a time we find ourselves in may be, we simply cannot put life on hold nor can we opt to stop living all together.


Life, as abnormal at it may seem right now, must go on. We have to keep trying to make attempts at living our best lives even under the given circumstances.

Life continues to be for the living. By virtue of us still being here, currently in the now, that is proof that we ought to go on living.


We’ve been given another chance at life, an opportunity that many might have wished for but unfortunately did not get granted to them.


Whatever that we had envisaged to do, to pursue, to accomplish, to attain, let’s muster up the courage to do it. There is absolutely no time like the present.

Perhaps there might never be an opportune time like the present. Discouraged as we may be, but we just have to keep on living!


Live. Be intentional about it. Today decide that you will take back your life and live it to the fullest. With much caution, ease and baby steps but be resolute in your manner of living.


Yours in inspiration,
Nondumiso  ✍🏾 

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