Less Wine = More Whine 🙃

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So I love me a glass of wine with my dinner after a long day of being an adult. It’s my reward, but I’ve decided to do 31 days of sobriety this August. So many people don’t think I’ll make it (after my failed attempt at Ocsober last year) and I am determined to prove them, and myself wrong…


I’m going to diarise some of these days and let you in on this challenging journey (of cause I’ll be dramatic about it). Whether I come out victorious or not 🤞🏾

Day One

I was doing really great, confidence was high, I was drinking my tea. Then my debit orders went off, my landlord came to collect his rent, then I went to the grocery store.


I was stressing that food is so expensive while trying to figure out what I was forgetting (turned out to be toilet paper), and there was the wine aisle staring right back at me. It dawned on me that I won’t be going there for the next 30 days and for half a second I couldn’t breathe. 5 hours later and I’m home, alive, enjoying a bedtime cup of tea. I’ve got this!

Day Two

Went out for a talk and was offered a glass of wine, I agreed because I had forgotten and then jumped up and shouted ‘Haibo no’ before they could buy it. A proud moment  🙌🏾 

Day Four

It’s 1:51am, I’m at the JWCodeBlack party, it’s such a jam. Everybody is lit and it’s getting hard to keep up with the dancing since I’m sober. Also I’m being that girl that I hate, the one that wastes dash?


Yep that’s me tonight ☹️

Day Five

It’s 3:00pm, I’m going to a 30th Birthday party. It’s a bring your own booze vibe and I’ve got my non alcoholic beer with me 👌🏾 


This will be a breeze…

Day Ten

Ordering food at a restaurant and asking for juice is so strange 🙃

Day Twelve

An old friend called me to catch up. He took me to my favourite cocktail bar that makes the best cocktails in town. I had mocktails the whole time. Why are they so expensive⁉️


I’m just grateful that I’m not the one paying for all this juice – I had a really great time though and danced for a bit 💃🏾

Day Sixteen

I’m alive 🙃 

Day Seventeen


Day Nineteen

Cold front is in town which has made my craving for alcohol less. I’m too cold to be out in the streets and enjoying my tea in bed so it’s definitely been the easier of the days 🥶 

Day Twenty

I’m feeling a little mad because my skin doesn’t have an extra glow, neither is my tummy extra flat. Starting to wonder if the phuza face and that ‘beer makes your tummy big’ thing, is all a myth? 😩 

Day Twenty-One

I HATE MOCKTAILS! Realizing that I’m not really saving money because mocktails are expensive and non alcoholic beer costs more than the normal one. I know right⁉️ 

Day Twenty-Two

Wow. Ndimi lo? 😩

Day Twenty-Three

I’m cooking and it’s not as fun as usual. Something is definitely missing ☹️

Day Twenty-Five

I’m doing amazing. I am beaming with pride ❤️  They can roll out the red carpet and preset the banner that I must cut.

Day Twenty-Six

I’m extremely thrilled that I am almost at the finish line. I bought a bottle of my favourite Moscato and some white wine. I’m going to keep them in the fridge, nicely chilled, so they are ready for the big day!! I’m even excited 🥳


I don’t think I’ve been this excited to drink before!

Day Twenty-Seven

I’m having a bad day after receiving some news that really hurt me. I really want a drink. Even if it’s just one. This might just be the end of my journey.


Ended up feeling a lot better, though. I didn’t have the drink. I’m still in the race yo!!

Day Twenty-Nine

Today was hard. So so hard. I’m actually very shocked at how hard it was. I have 2 more days left. I’m at the finish line but today is definitely harder than the past 28 days. I don’t understand why. Surely it should be easier. I shouldn’t even be phased. But here I am. Anxiety on a hundred 💯


Had to text some friends and tell them that I’m about to give up. My guy friends said I’m childish and I should go ahead and have a drink. My girlfriends said they are impressed and surprised I’ve made it this far so I shouldn’t give up. I didn’t 🙅🏾‍♀️ 

Day Thirty

Man, at this point I’m also feeling shocked at how far I’ve come. Temptation was left right and center. Mama I made it!! One more sleep then it’s a party…


I’ve been doing this with a twitter buddy so I must send a shoutout to Londekah for a job well done! We did it! I also want to say that I am not doing this again ? Real talk. I have no more words. Just ready to drink up!

Day Thirty-One

ASIPHUZENI – I’m ready to meet my friends and have a drink later ❤️ I hope you guys will join me in celebration. Cheers 🥂


*This blogpost was first published on 31 August 2017, here on the insideWomen Blog✨ 


Yours in Sobriety,
Buhle Mazibuko ✍🏾 

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