Learning From Your Elders


You can take a horse to the river, but you can’t make it drink… This is the saddest truth I have learned so far. That no matter how great my intentions are for a fellow human, and no matter how right I feel my judgement is on their situation: I can never force anyone else to do what I think they should be doing instead.

Wow, I imagine that facing this truth is especially difficult for parents/guardians. Often times we find it easier to disregard our elders’ ‘words of wisdom’ – more especially if they don’t coincide with our personal views, but would it be such a terrible thing to at least consider what’s being said?

I have personally always held my elders’ words of advice at a high regard, because they have more experience at this life game than I do. Surely this means that they know much better than I do, right?

Although, I must admit that navigating through the many pressing decisions that one has to make in life it is very easy to find oneself thinking: “Oh please, what do they know? They’re just old and clueless of the current affairs 🙄”

These are a few questions I always ask myself before I actually make my final decision:

1. Is this inclined with my teachings?

2. Am I comfortable with this?

3. What would my father do?

I believe that it is this thought process that helps me make decisions that are best suited for me and my development.

Do you learn from your elders? Do you apply these lessons? Please share how you relate and let’s converse 💬

Yours in Inspiration,

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