Designer. Writer. Lover. Dreamer. Explorer

A creative tea loving, flower obsessed geek trying to love and live more. Life is a garden of wild flowers and I write to express the beauty and make sense of the details.


Educator. Vocalist. Blogger. Motivational Speaker.

I believe in the up-liftment of others, a firm believer in speaking my mind and expressing myself in all that i do, whether in writing, music and or dress sense.


PR Practitioner. Student. Believer. Writer. Funny Girl

I write in order to share my thoughts & perspectives, and I believe that we all have something valuable to share about our journeys.  Making people laugh while learning something valuable is always my aim. Sharing my experiences with people is my way of giving the world a big hug.


Strategist. Writer. Feminist. Believer. Beloved

Constantly learning to unlearn habits of the past and relearn strategies to live in the future…



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Academic. Believer. Blogger. Designer. Entrepreneur

I am a proud Zulu maiden, with a deep passion for learning, design, writing and intentional, whole-hearted living. I love what I do and hope to inspire by doing it!