Hear Our Covid Cries…

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To be honest, for me this topic brings a lot of emotions. My sister is one of the people affected by this and she’s got two kids…


Luckily we are able to help, but not everyone has got family members extending a helping hand so I understand where the statement below is coming from. It’s a cry for help, genuinely.

"Stand up, take your freedom back. Lockdowns are against humanity - Ramaphosa’s administration is killing us with hunger." 

I want people to stay safe, but at the same time there will definitely be more people dying of hunger than Covid. It’s a hard one, as we know that for the majority of people it’s a no-work-no-pay situation. So where do they get money to buy food if the government hasn’t got any means to replace the people’s income???


The vaccine issue is also a big one. Statistics are now showing that people who are vaccinated have very mild symptoms, do not need hospitalisation and in some cases do not even get the virus.


In Sydney there was a party and all who attended tested positive except six people who were vaccinated and yet the ones who tested positive were not vaccinated. So to me, this shows that the vaccine gives you some kind of protection.


The side effects are much less severe than the actual disease. It’s up to the people to decide whether to take it or not. The government must provide the vaccine during the lockdown. That will be a better solution I think, but we all know this will not happen in South Africa. So, hopefully the country will get the so called ‘herd immunity’ so that people will stop dying. Covid is real, so those who can stay at home must stay and those who can’t I feel for them because I understand their frustration…

I wish there was an easy way out because this is affecting the whole world, but the governments are dealing with it using different approaches. All we can do is to watch history unfold and pray for the whole world to survive this virus. It’s so painful and it’s enough.


We’ve lost three people in our family to Covid. I am so scared and yet trying to be strong for everyone, hoping that I will wake up the next day and everything is back to normal.


Yours in solidarity,
Thembeka MaChonco  ✍🏾 

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