Friendships Have Expiry Dates, Too 🙃


I recently learnt this lesson the hard way, although not long – this particular friendship came at a time when I was truly at my lowest. This person listened, understood and assisted me to get the help I needed to heal from my struggle with mental health issues 🙏🏾


So naturally when she hit a hard time, I was first in line with the supportive phone calls, incessant WhatsApp texts to remind her that I am there for her…

The response: “My friend, I think I’ve served my purpose in your life and I don’t think you can help me through this.” 💔


And just like that, I’d been dumped (via text nogal). The rejection felt like a bucket of cold water had been thrown at me and a warm-klap landing on my cheek at the same time. What a wow. I must say, I am in mourning. She had such a powerful, positive impact on my life that I couldn’t imagine not reciprocating that for her 🤯


Listen, as I’ve grown I’ve had friendships that have naturally fizzled away. Some that I’ve organically outgrown, and others that get reignited after years only to go into hiding again. But an official “thank you, bye” – well this was new to me 🤷🏾‍♀️


Then another friend reminded me that God brings people into our lives for a season and/or reason and perhaps, her season in my life had passed. I hold no malice, just hurt at the demise of the hope of what our friendship could have grown to be 🌱

I struggle with making genuine connections with people, so once you’re in my circle, you are in. But alas, not this time 🙅🏾‍♀️


Have you ever had a friend break up with you? How did you deal with it? Is this normal?


Yours in Womandla,
Mpumz  ✍🏾  

2 Comments on “Friendships Have Expiry Dates, Too 🙃

  1. I had friends that became my sisters, the were the closest to my heart but a lot of people had told me that they actually do not speak so dearly about me in my absence and I was struggling to believe that until I had proof that really I wasn’t as important as I thought I was to them. Their love wasn’t so genuine, no loyalty at all.

    I had to take a decision to break all the chains that was connecting me with them, still feel lonely and it hurts deeply but as u said that their season has passed I must accept and move on.

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