Achievements Worthy Of Celebration 🎉


May we gradually inculcate the habit of celebrating the victories of others in whatever shape or form…


It is not for us to gauge whether their victory is worthy of a celebration or not. Ours is to cheer for them in a congratulatory spirit, irrespective of how insignificant it may seem to us 🎉

Of course, to a man who has been without a home for the longest time, being able to build a two-roomed house is an achievement that deserves the same gratitude as though he has built a mansion. To him that may as well be a mansion 🏡


It is often not about the size but more of the significance and value that one finds in being able to achieve something 💯


To a pre-scholar, graduating in readiness for starting “big school” is their biggest achievement yet and just because another person has just graduated from university, it doesn’t mean then that the latter is more superior and deserves more acceptance or to be celebrated more than the former. Both these individuals have reached a milestone worthy of a celebration 🏆


We should teach ourselves to celebrate the victories of others no matter how minor they may be perceived because we usually have no idea what it took for them to get to that point 🙌🏾


The same goes for a person buying ANY car, finding ANY job, starting ANY business, getting married (whether it’s a white, yellow, green or blue wedding) giving birth or having a baby of ANY gender, etc…

Let us teach ourselves to celebrate with people and be genuinely happy for them irrespective of what we deem celebration worthy according to our own standards. Without any reservation or snide remarks in accordance to their achievements 🙄


If I call being able to buy a loaf of bread an achievement, celebrate with me, because you have no idea of the challenges and hurdles I’ve had to jump to be able to purchase that loaf 🍞


Yours in inspiration,
Nondumiso ✍🏾

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