Zethe M “Qhawekazi” EP Launch & Interview

[spacer height=”20px”] At first I thought they picked the wrong girl to invite to this launch because I was 100% sure I would fan out but there’s a piece of advice my uncle gave me about fanning out, he said “You gotta act like the shit don’t stink, you’re just as important as the person you think is more important” and he was right because the way in which we (my plus 1 and I – it’s my sister ya’ll I’m still single) were welcomed showed just how exclusive and important each of us were. The UKZN Centre for Jazz & Creative Arts was the perfect venue to host the launch because Zethe was once a Music student at UKZN and that stage had been her playground. I loved the dimmed lights that added to the intimacy and the colourful stage lights that gave off good vibes inside the venue. The people were excited and it was kind of like we all knew each other and we came from the same home but for some reason we decided to come to the launch in separate cars. With the good vibes flowing, we were all ready for Zethe M to come out and grace the stage, and boy did she do exactly that! She was welcomed on stage by the MC – Sthabile Mazubane, Zethe came out in her beautiful African print dress which her mother made for her, she looked like the star she is – an African Queen. What’s an artist without her band? Still an artist really lol but trust me when I say that this band is probably going to be the one playing when Jesus returns because they were outstanding.

Zibusiso Makhathi – Piano
Dalisu Ndlazi – Bass Guitarist
Riley Ghiandhari– Drummer

They say dynamites come in small packages and this is true, Zethe may be small in stature but she is big in talent! I was within the music from the very first song performed titled “Do you know”, I really love the African rhythm Zethe has in all her music. It’s a familiar sound but unique, I use the word familiar because it sounds like home not my home but just a safe space. Her music is calming and relatable. “Do you know” is all about the importance of knowing where you come from and how important it is for one to be proud of who they are in order to succeed in life. My favorite song of the night was “Qhawekazi” not because it’s the title of EP but because of the way it had me dancing along. I don’t dance beloved, we know this but you can’t sit down for this song. I love how Zethe took the “qgom” and put it in Jazz, it was the first time hearing this unique cross between the two genres. I would go through each song but then there’d be no need for you all to buy the EP so I’ll stop right there! I thoroughly enjoyed myself at the launch and the food at the end was really just the icing on the cake. Needless to say, I’ve been jamming to this CD for the past week or so, I simply can’t get enough and I can’t wait for a full album from her!

Your girl also hooked you up with an interview with the Vodacom NXT LVL winner, you guys literally can never thank me enough for this. Besides her amazing voice, Zethe M is a musician of substance and I look forward to seeing more of her work in the music industry and the arts as a Whole.

She is wise.

She is beautiful.

She is fearless.

She is iQhawekazi.

Interview with Zethe M:

Zethembiso “Zethe” Mdletshe – you’ve got such a beautiful name. Where was Zethe born and raised?

I was born and raised at Empangeni at Bomvini Reserve.

Can you remember when you first realised that you have a love for music and what made you realise this?

Around 14/15 after a while that’s when my mother was making me sing at events (weddings, graduation parties… you name it!

Why have you chosen to use your birth-name as your stage name?

Lol I don’t know… it’s my name I guess.

The first winner of Vodacom NXT LVL also happens to be a female, how does it feel to be the winner?

Being the winner of the competition was a dream come true, a humbling and exciting experience. Being female and winning the competition was great in the sense that it helped me inspire and show other female musicians that it’s possible to make it in a generally male dominated industry.

After they announced you as the winner you looked so shocked, can you remember what was going through your mind at that exact moment?

I have amnesia of that moment 😅 no but, seriously I don’t remember lol!

You are now officially an active member of the SA music industry, congratulations 🎉 How has your experience of this been like?

Very exciting and very challenging. New heights always requires a new you. I’m giving it the best of me whilst learning as much as I can.

What does being a black female artist in South Africa mean to you?

It’s a gift which I am truly grateful for. I understand that I am a role model too and voice for many women in South Africa and I always translate that in my music.

The title of your EP is “Qhawekazi”, which makes so much sense to your fans. What is the reason for dealing with iQhawekazi as the subject matter for your music?

To me iQhawekazi is a strong, bold and fearless woman who knows who they are and their self-worth. And I dedicated the Ep to my nieces (2 and 3 years old) and I want them when they are 25 (my age) to listen this and feel the same.

Being a Heroine is almost always seen as a word used in politics, how do you think everyday women can see themselves as heroines in their own different capacities?

I believe that all women are born heroines. I think that they should find that inner heroine within themselves, they don’t need to compare themselves to any other woman but instead celebrate each other without taking anything from themselves.

There’s a big deal being made of musicians having ghostwriters and all. Do you write your own music and how do you feel about collaborating?

I write my own music. I love collaboration and will be having some in the very near future.




1. Do you know – do you know who you are
2. Omuhle – about her mother and the strength of a woman
3. Ngizophumelela – Perseverance
4. Zazi (Qhawekazi) 5. Ukthula – world peace



Zethe’s EP – Qhawekazi is online and the hard copy is going only for R80,00 with arranged delivery to wherever you are so get yourself a copy, you won’t regret it!

For bookings: uzethembiso@gmail.com

Yours in ❣️ and 🎶


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