Why Women Should Be Strong

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[spacer height=”20px”] It’s 2018 and strong is the new sexy. We are seeing more women confidently lifting heavy weights, doing intense kickass workouts and killing it. If that’s not sexy then I don’t know what is. Gone are the days when women were seen as fragile and weak. Women are now challenging themselves in every way possible and in turn getting stronger, bolder and more powerful than before.

However we still have a long way to go. Not every woman sees the need to get fit and strong especially when society still continues to impose their patriarchal beliefs on us. Look I get it, we all want to look good, have beautiful kids perhaps, get a husband or wife, maintain a sexy slim waist line, which is all great. But what if there was more to all of that? What if there were more things to explore, enjoy or benefit? Things that could help transform your body, mind and way of life for the better?

Yes there is more than yoga classes, careers, marriage, kids and the latest Tyler Perry movie. We can get to enjoy life even more.

I train for a living and I could write a whole book on the impact training for strength has had on my life. To name a few, I was able to fight depression without taking medication, learnt how to be resilient when life kicked me down, stopped taking everything personally but either fight back or let go, understand that quitting is not always losing or giving up but rather moving on, built more confidence, the list goes on. These are just a few benefits of being strong.

Apart from the physical and emotional side and life skills, I believe it is important for women to be strong as a means of refusing to be victims in these times of human trafficking and abuse. We need to be able to feel safe without needing a man around and being strong would aid in that. This doesn’t necessarily mean one has to lift heavy weights but to get the body used to being challenged and learning self-defense skills through fitness. Which also means whilst learning how to protect yourself and getting strong, you also get to shed a few calories. This can be done through fitness classes such as boxing, kick boxing, cross fit, karate, self-defense etc.

There isn’t a thing women can’t do including protect ourselves. And being strong is one the best ways in which we could ensure our own safety without having to look for pepper spray in your bag. Something to think about…

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