Who Are Your Friends?


What a difficult question to answer… When I was younger I could very easily answer this question, but I’m finding that as I get older it ain’t so easy y’all! Well kinda…

“What’s making it so hard to answer this?” is a constant thought on my mind ? The truth is there are many things that seem to become more difficult to do (or answer) as you become older. A lot of the time when we think the word ‘friends’ we think of people outside of home, cause those inside are your relatives so their kinda forced for be your friends ??‍♀️ so they don’t count, right? #LIES! 

I rate the relationship you have with your family and relatives is an indication of your true ability to maintain fellowship. Charity starts at home right? So why shouldn’t friendship as well? (make sense to me??)

I just want to send a shout-out to both of my BFFs, my younger brother and sister. My younger siblings and I are four years apart (me – brother = 4; brother – sister = 4) but we work hard at keeping our friendship going strong. When we were younger my little brother and I were best of friends. We played together, ate together, went to school together – geez we even got hidings together ? #TheStruggleIsReal 

My brother (whom I refer to as my Bae/Boo) is such a treasure and is so much fun! He’s the life of the party and is always in the mood to make jokes (they aren’t too bad).

Just the other day I was having a conversation with my little sister and as she was telling me what she’s been up to and it suddenly hit me – this is my best friend ?? Guys I literally said to her: “Let’s promise each other to be the best, most fun sister-friends!”

Truth be told: my siblings are my heart. I love them to the core and they are my friends, my buddies ??

So tell me, who are your friends?

Sincerely yours,



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