‘We’re Going to Need More Wine’ by Gabrielle Union-Wade


“How perfect is the title of this book?” is the question I would constantly ask myself every time the plot gets thicker and I actually needed a sip 🍷 I mean acting is a form of storytelling, so should we really be so surprised that Ms Union-Wade managed to pull yet another stellar performance?..

I will be honest with you, when I first heard about this book I was under the impression that it was going to be yet another hot gossip/spilling-of-the-tea type of read ☕️ Well, it kinda is but sis is spilling her own damn tea, and providing her behind-the-scenes (BTS) reflections along the way 💬

Okay, not only did I learn so much more about one of my favourite Hollywood actresses, but I was also inspired by her work ✍🏾 The way in which Gabrielle Union-Wade explains her story and her reasoning behind her actions positively challenges my own life’s perspective, and that is what truly makes reading this book feel like I’m actually really having a real-life conversation with her 🗣

Ms Union-Wade has used this book to transform her talent in storytelling, and I genuinely can’t wait to see how this will be reflected by the roles she’ll play from now on 🎭 

Yes, I am such a fanatic of the hit series ‘Being Mary Jane’, which stars Gabrielle Union-Wade, and because of that I relate to Gabrielle as her character – yet this book was the perfect introduction to the real Gabrielle 👌🏾

I definitely enjoyed this read, and I recommend it to you. It is also one of those books that are good to read as a group, it will add another layer to your conversations with your girls ❣

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