Weird Reasons Why You Aren’t Losing Weight ⚖️


Ok, we are in the middle of a global pandemic that will change the way we socialise and see the world forever and thinking about your waistline is probably NOT the most NB thing on your to-do-list, but with every problem comes a possibility…


Although working on a bikini body is not a priority in the midst of the crisis we face, being in quarantine and working from home eliminated a lot of reasons (ok, excuses) for why I can’t manage my weight within a healthy range. First of all, I no longer have to spend at least 60 minutes in traffic daily (hello exercise time), and I can keep an eye on what I eat because we are now forced to prepare our own meals at home (during level 5 anyway) 🍲

So with the announcement of an official state of disaster and a 21-day lockdown of the country as of 27 March 2020, your girl got herself an ‘easy-to-follow 21-day-at-home’ bodyweight exercise challenge and committed to eating somewhat sensibly over the first phase of the national lockdown 🏋🏿‍♀️


The results? SUCCESS 🎉 I was down 1.4kgs in 3 weeks with 30mins of exercise daily and healthy home-cooked meals 👌🏾


Fast forward to day 60-something of lockdown. I’m now running four times a week (within the permissible window, of course), doing strength exercises twice a week and limiting carbs as much as possible. The result? 8kg UP – yes, I’d gained more than half of the weight I’d lost back. To top that, I’m constantly tired (hello lunchtime naps) and grumpy. But nonetheless, I keep at it 🙃


Until I go to the pharmacy only to realise that the repeat prescription for my contraceptive has lapsed and I need to go see my doctor for a 6-month check-up in order to get a new prescription. The admin of it all 🤦🏾‍♀️

Oh my, I’ve just realised that me breaking this down for you will be a whole new other blogpost all together – so in attempt to avoid #ReadersFatigue – I have made a part two ✌🏾


How have you been doing, weight-wise, during the #Lockdown? Do share your thoughts and subscribe to our blog by clicking HERE 🤗


Keep safe and sanitized.

Mpumz ✍🏾

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1 Comment on “Weird Reasons Why You Aren’t Losing Weight ⚖️

  1. I’ve been doing good, weight-wise, sis 👌🏾 I’ve been getting my body used to a healthy lifestyle (healthier food and regular exercise), and for the first time in AGES I’m actually losing weight 🙌🏾

    I am so intrigued by your blogpost sis, I have been struggling with losing weight and I think you’re about to provide me with an ‘ahhha moment’…

    Love & Light✨

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