Weighing My Weight-loss Reasons


So, your girl has always been the chubbychoo of the group and that’s always been that. I’ve always been a bit heavier than my circle of friends and siblings. That used to bother me quite a lot because I got picked on a lot at Primary school and I’ve never been genuinely happy with my weight. Eventually though, I’d like to think that I grew into myself and even though I wasn’t 100% happy about my weight, I just didn’t care as much as I did about it like I did before. A lot of my friends and family are very supportive and they’ve always reminded me of how beautiful I am whatever size I am (they still do). I know they (mostly me) say if you’re not happy with your body you have to do something about it but I don’t necessarily think that losing weight was my problem but rather the reasons for losing weight. Growing up, losing weight was about fitting in and avoiding the bullying from school peers which made it so much more difficult for me.

I’m now 22 years old and I’m finally losing the weight and getting the body I want. All those years I was trying to lose weight were in vain because people actually don’t care. They don’t. I sort of realised that losing weight was rather easy if you had all the right reasons. My reasons for wanting to lose weight now are much simpler. I want to lose weight because:

  1. There are certain clothes that I’d love to try out but they look better on a certain size, and I’m NOT that size yet LOL ; and
  2. I want to lead a healthier lifestyle

I want to just be clear, I haven’t lost a significant amount weight but I’m 2 sizes down – from 38 to 34 and that is a huge achievement for me. I used to really struggle with losing weight but after realizing that I was trying to lose weight for the wrong reasons it was easier to lose weight because I have the right kind of motivation now. If you ever try to do something because of other people – you will never succeed. Genuinely, it doesn’t help you one bit because its not motivation it’s unnecessary pressure and you will break under the heat of other peoples’ opinions. So, how did I get to losing weight? Literally saw a dress and fell in love with it BUT it didn’t love me back, I tried it on and it just didn’t look the way it should have looked on me. All my fat rolls were showing and it didn’t hug me in the right places, or there were too many places to hug, I don’t know what it was but it was terrible. And here’s the thing, it’s not the first time this has happened. It’s a constant struggle in my wardrobe choice and I decided that day that I was fed up and I had to do something or I’d never wear the clothes I wanted to wear. My other biggest eye opener was how heavy I was becoming for myself, jumping was becoming a mission and so was walking up the stairs and for the amount of walking I do on campus you’d swear I was a fitness bunny already.


So, all in all I think when people ask me how I lost the weight and when I decided I wanted to lose weight I think this would be my reason. I started losing weight when I felt unhappy not because of what people thought and the day I decided to lose it was the day I realized I had lost myself in my weight and I let it determine what I could and could not, wear and not wear. Its all about you and how you feel, if you’re not happy with your weight – work on your weight and if you are – live your best life.

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  1. You know, there’s absolutely no running away from the fact that our weight and body image really affects us (women) throughout our life time! Thanks for sharing your rationale for your weightloss journey lady, and an even bigger thanks for the inspiration/motivation 💪🏾

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