Truth is Stranger Than Fiction


Brace yourself. I’m about to go all conspiracy theorist on you. Jokes haha. Okay maybe a little.

I’m currently hooked on reading sci-fi thrillers these days. I’ve always been a science fiction film fan, but only recently got around to reading novels within the genre. To cut a long story short, my reads have led to many interesting discoveries… especially where technological innovation is concerned. I’m not talking AI and VR here, but weapons and machinery that are way ahead of our time (us civillians that is). I know what you’re thinking, “Sam it is called science FICTION for a reason“. I’d agree with you too, if I hadn’t read one author’s notes stating that the technologies and intelligence agencies mentioned in his books are real.

Further research proved that there are others who know of these fascinating futuristic innovations. I read that technology is at least 12 years more advanced than what we regular folk believe it to be. Let that sink in…

This would be nothing short of amazing if private corporations were responsible for these technologies. And yes, there are businesses making strides as far as technology is concerned. What unsettles me is that most of these advanced weapons, machinery and systems are created, owned and used by government agencies. In an age where freedom and choice is so favoured, it is astonishing to realise how much the people we trust to govern us actually keep from us. It’s beyond ironic when you consider that the money used to conduct the research and experiments for these technologies comes from the very people who are left in the dark. Okay, I’m done venting.

My point is, why all the secrecy? If democracy is the political status quo, why are governments not more transparent and accountable to the people they govern? Are we truly free if we don’t even know what our taxes are used for? As South Africans celebrated Human Rights last month, I can’t help but ask these questions. Where does our right to know end, and the government’s cart blanche begin? What does having human rights mean to you?

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