The Unfortunate Truth.


2014. Full of so many opportunities to make my dreams materialise! True, all true but not quite the way I imagined it would be. You see, God has different plans for my life. This year was my third and final year in a national diploma in Fashion and Textiles.

Right at the heart of March, was my cousin’s wedding. So we attending it as a family affair. Then when we left we managed to divide ourselves into the three cars we brought along. So my mom and I were driving back together. Unfortunately that was our last mission together, as we were involved in a fatal car accident and my mom unfortunately passed. I on the other hand sustained a head injury and was in hospital for about 2 months.  Though I do thank God, I’m also very grateful for the support and prayers me and my family received!

Overall this situation had really empowered the family and me so much! We miss mom every single day but most importantly we were reminded of God’s importance, His healing power, providence and His ability to comfort.

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