The Truth About Dreams


We talk a lot about living a purpose-driven life and doing meaningful work. We talk about following our dreams at all costs and persevering in the face of failure. This is good and well but let’s face it, talk is cheap. If we never actually act on our big ideas, just having them is pointless.

It’s true that everything is easier said than done, and sometimes our comfort zones seem safer than a journey into the unknown. Change is daunting and uncertainty very intimidating. I suppose this is why many trade in their dreams for stability and comfort, life is simpler that way. Chasing dreams requires a level of insanity really.., a blind faith, an obsession with one’s vision and an unshakable belief in one’s own potential.

Chances are you’ll fail… more than once. This is a hard pill to swallow if you consider the true cost. If your dreams call for entrepreneurship then you have to invest more than just time and effort into achieving them. You probably will have to invest money too, perhaps money you don’t even have. You will have to invest borrowed money into an idea that might fail anyway. You’ll have to take multiple risks that might make or break your business. You’ll have to trust your instincts in spite of your lack of experience. You are basically walking in complete darkness in a place you have never been, stumbling along the way, hoping your destination is on the path you’re on.

The journey is testing, the obstacles will force you to confront your fears head on or give up completely. Talk alone will not do, you will have to back it with hours of dedication too.

You will have doubts, you will ask yourself again and again if you have what it takes. You will have to believe in yourself and in your dream even when nobody else does, even when every sane part of you says you have nothing left to give. At those moments, you will still have to give more. There truly are no shortcuts to greatness, just hard work, a relentless perseverance and a vision.

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