The Solid Rock

[spacer height=”20px”] “Don’t build your house on the sandy land, don’t build it too near the shore… Well it might look kind of nice, but you’ll have to build it twice, oh you’ll have to build your house once more…

You better build your house upon a rock, make a good foundation on a solid spot. Oh, the storms may come and go, but the peace of God you will know.”

It’s amazing how the Word remains true, even centuries after it was written. When the waves that are the trials of life come crashing against the walls of your life endeavours, what is your foundation? Who is your solid rock?
Be encouraged today knowing that the Lord your God is the same one who parted the Red sea, who claimed victory for the shepherd boy David against the giant Goliath, and led his nation to the promised land.
So why are you swayed by the situation and circumstances? Stand in faith, He is working.


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Faithfully yours

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