The “S” Word (skin)


Lie to me and tell me you don’t care about your skin and that it doesn’t affect your confidence, please – I’m waiting patiently for you to lie to me.

“I regret taking such good care of my skin” – said no one ever. I don’t care what you say, your skin affects your self-confidence a lot more than you’d like to admit and I know this because I always get told that I have such great skin and it really boosts my self-confidence 101%. I’m very self-conscious about my weight but I’ve always told myself “As long as you have great skin, you’ll do just fine” and so I really do invest a lot in my skin because I know it’s going to represent me for a long time.

So, I figured I should share my skin care secrets (not really a secret because you probably know most of them), so I guess I’m just here to stress the specific skin care routines that I really invest in and that I think have given me this precious skin. So really quick, these routines might not help everyone but you can definitely pick up one or two that will go with your skin. I had friends in high school and adult life that went through the most with their skin and had to consult with a dermatologist. I definitely think that some cases are more serious than others and need a dermatologist. But for those of you who need really handy tips, here we go:

  1. Pray over your skin
    So a long time ago my pastor said something I’ll never forget. She said that prayer is really conversational and when we pray it can literally be about anything that we have concerns about. Prayer is much like a contingency plan sometimes and from that day onwards I have adopted the habit of praying for my skin whenever I remembered. And I definitely understand that we might not all be spiritual in that sense or even Christian but whatever it is you believe in, I feel like every part of your life should definitely be devoted to it.
  1. Water, drink a lot of water
    I can’t stress this enough. I used to carry a water bottle in high school and in primary school. It’s a really good habit for your health as well. Water is a natural purifier and if you drink it consistently you will definitely see the results. 1 litre a day will make such a difference after 21 days.
  1. Use lemon slices.
    This little trick really surprised me when I first heard of it but it really does work. It helps give your skin a glow and really makes your skin radiant. It’s really easy, you just rub your face with a slice of lemon (avoiding the eyes) and leave it on your face for 10 – 15min and then wash it off with lukewarm water. I would advice you to wash your face first with lukewarm water before you start with the process.
  1. Don’t play around with lots of different products.
    Find something that works for you, mine is African Extracts and it’s alcohol free and made of natural extracts like rooibos. I only started using these products a year and some months ago because I wanted a fixed routine. But before that, I’d wash my face with lukewarm water and Sunlight green bar soap. My mom always warned me to stay away from face washes and such things because you become dependent on them. I’d definitely advise any young person to just stick to the simplest and most natural products.

  1. Use Apple cider vinegar toner.
    It’s also very simple – it’s mainly a combination of 1:3 water and apple cider vinegar. So, whatever amount of apple cider you decide to use, you just use double the amount of water and mix it together. You apply it with a cotton ball after washing your face. Just wait for it to dry and then apply your normal moisturiser.
  1. Use less makeup.
    I love makeup like most women, yet I try not to wear a lot of makeup many days in row. It’s really good to let your skin breathe for a few days and just lay off the makeup. Maybe some eyebrows but the rest is really pushing it if you’re trying to give your skin some time to refresh.
  1. Get enough sleep.
    Do this so that your skin is well rested and looked after. Our bodies respond to lack of sleep in many ways and one of them is breaking out of skin, so get your good 6 – 8 hours of sleep boo. Do it for your skin!
  1. Mind your own business.
    There’s really not much to be said here. Just mind your own business and stay in your lane, you’ll be very surprised how well your skin will respond to this because it reduces daily stress and stress can really cause an imbalance in your hormones and your skin could respond to that very badly.

People will stare, so make it worth their while and take good care of your skin. We all age but taking good care of your skin can help you not look your age and that’s really something I think ALL women want.

Do you have any skincare tips to share? Go ahead and drop a comment below and let’s converse.

Yours in ✍🏾



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