The Retired Church Girl ⛪


Wow, this title actually makes things sound so official but, I would actually like to talk more about what this means for me, would you please lend me an ear?..


It’s only fair to start with a bit of a background before continuing this explanation or even exploration, if you may 🤷🏾‍♀️ 

My beloved late mother bend over backwards to make sure that all her children grew up knowing and fearing the Lord – and so we did 🙏🏾


My mother never took the role of a dictator when it came to Christianity or participating in church related activities… Instead she always advised us to pursue a relationship with God – to thirst for His word and seek for Him in all that we do


Though, as her children we accepted attending a church service every Sunday as an unspoken house rule – all for these very simple reasons:


1. Because mom said so 👀

2. Mom would be driving us to and from church (at no extra personal cost);

3. We would be offering only part of the generous monthly allowance given to us by our parents; and

4. We considered saying: “No, thanks ✌🏾 – to church as the highest form of disrespect and we were not trying to apply for an #AssWhoopin 🔥


But then the game changes once one grows up and finds themselves having to make their own decisions and be held 100% accountable for them 😩

We grew up attending one church (because of geographical constraints & mom’s personal preference) – S/O to Covernant Fellowship Church International  (CFCI) 🎉

Also, Christians believe in belonging to one ‘spiritual home’, finding a certain ‘ministry’ to ‘serve’ in, and also to participate in all church activities and events… This all is a WHOLE LOT, especially if you’re not serving full-time ministry and have to make ends meet 😩

Wow, I have actually never written or seriously spoken to anyone about this – but it’s my truth and I stand by it 💯

On the year of the fatal car crash I survived (which I discuss HERE) things seemed to be so much clearer for me 👀

I found myself having to put a complete stop to my whole world and make time to recover from what I had just gone through…

Oh wow, okay – before I get too emotional let us take some time to breathe a little and I will continue with my story on my next post 🤞🏾

Yours in inspiration,
Aphelele ✍🏾

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5 Comments on “The Retired Church Girl ⛪

  1. Ow Aphsie ❤️😭🙏🏾, this got me… Firstly, I’m so sorry to learn of your mother’s passing. I think it got me cause growing up, church although pushed by both my parents but it was largely my beloved and beautiful late tata. And although he succeeded in helping me shape my own faith with time, I realised just how dependant I was on him even with my faith after his passing. I realised how I’d associated so many things and ways of living out my faith with him. Maybe it was just a grieving struggle. But it was so difficult to ‘get back on the bus’ again, I could hardly read my Bible nje cause I think of him and this sort of disappointment with God. Anyway I’m saying too much now without even having heard half your story. But even just this snippet was so special and very relatable for me. I cannot wait to read more of your story. Also I couldn’t click on the link for the accident story but maybe it’s just me so I’ll try again with another device.


    1. NILA 🤗🥰 Thanks for having a read sis, and for your condolences 🙏🏾 Please receive mine for your father’s passing, I’m so glad you found blog-post relatable, I’ve fixed the link error – thanks for making me aware.

      I hope you’ll find the sequel just as relatable, thank you again – stay safe❣️

  2. Manila and Aphelele. I just want to say I love you both. I can not find the words to adequately express what reading this has made me feel. I just want you to know you are in my heart and prayers. Looking forward to the next post because it’s tough for me to on the church going front, while I am still in love with the Lord. Thank you for this blog Chonco. Blessings on Blessings on Blessings ♥️

    1. 🥰 PULANE 😍 Thank you so much for having a read chom, the fact that you can relate really encourages me – THANK YOU & God bless you too ❣️

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