The Retired Church Girl (Pt 2) ⛪


I found myself having to put a complete stop to my whole world and make time to recover from what I had just gone through…


I had just gone through a major, life-changing experience and so I had to make time to:

HEAL PHYSICALLY…  As a result of the car accident I was involved in, I sustained a major head injury and a few broken bones (and a💔)… 

This resulted in me being put into an induced coma for about a month and then was in recovery at the ICU for yet another month. I wasn’t able to walk, clearly speak, eat, write, and and and…

So, I had to take time to re-learn all these major life skills and get myself fit enough to be a part of society again 💪🏾

HEAL EMOTIONALLY… The pain of waking up from what you thought was an innocent slumber to discover that you are no longer able to do the things you were able to do, and then later learn that the one person you’ve never lived a single day without is now the person you’ll never see again is just 😔💔

So, I took time to work on those negative emotions, and develop my emotional intelligence 👓

HEAL SPIRITUALLY… The nature of my relationship with God makes it not even a possibility for me to blame Him ( for my hurt and loss) and to lose faith in Him. Though, I definitely did have days when I would battle those questions/feelings and receiving judgement for this was just so counter-productive 😔

So, I took some time to allow God to reaffirm my foundation in His word and the relationship I have with my Heavenly Father 💕

And lastly, I had to make time just for me… After a huge change occurs one must allow for time to deal with their new reality, regroup, make a plan for continuance and keep going 🚗

So, I took some time to accept that what happened really happened, and then learned to cope and continue on with life 🙃

I have since fallen in love with the way the Catholic Church operates, I am now a baptised Catholic 📿

Though, I do think it’s important to note that I have unsubscribed from Church Culture (which I will unpack more of on my next blogpost – make sure you get it SUBSCRIBE HERE)


*This blogpost is a sequel to The Retired Church Girl ⛪️


Yours in fellowship,
Aphelele 🙏🏾 

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