The Price of Education


My jaw dropped when I read that South Africa currently has about 26 universities and 240+ prisons! It makes you question whether the system truly wants educated citizens who can think critically for themselves. While we’re on the subject of university and tertiary education…

President Jacob Zuma announced the implementation of free tertiary education for poorer students, just days before Cyril Ramaphosa was voted the new ANC President. While opinions differ as to why President Zuma made the announcement, we can all agree that quality education at a tertiary level is necessary. The question remains…  how feasible is it right now?

Perhaps building new universities makes more sense seeing that 50% of matriculants aren’t accepted into universities due to space shortages and finances anyway. I would assume that it is simpler for the established universities to build more campuses and hire more staff. That way faculties have a balance between experienced staff and new staff. More spaces available for students and job creation at the same time. Moreover, I doubt we have a shortage of credible lecturers to begin with. I could be wrong here.


Still, say new credible universities are established successfully, what happens then? Would SA really afford free quality education for the ever increasing number of students? And what of the issue of unemployed graduates? Surely that number will increase too. Okay, the government could invest more resources and money into helping entrepreneurs establish businesses successful enough to hire our graduates, maybe even find graduates who are willing to take the entrepreneurial route… but with what money?

I, for one, would love for SA to be able to provide free quality education for students who cannot afford it (majority of the students really). I just do not think government alone can make it happen without ruining our economy. The private sector has to get involved, be as passionate about the issue as well. We need to have an action plan that works. What do you think?

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2 Comments on “The Price of Education

  1. Hmmmm, I honestly believe in the old saying: “If there’s a will, there’s a way” – perhaps the will just isn’t there from the people who really have the power to make it happen.

  2. It seems as though it’s everyone for their own when it comes to helping out when it’s needed. Government, the Private sector, very few are actually willing to help for the sake of helping. Everyone is just looking out for their own.

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