The Power Was Not In The Orange – Test of Faith

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Last night, after 5 solid days in hospital for treatment of Acute Bronchitis and Chronic Asthma, I realised how sick my body was. I’d had a particularly bad night on Friday and didn’t sleep the entire night, and had a very miserable Sabbath being bloated and uncomfortable throughout my entire body. My knees felt like there was a cushion surrounding them and I couldn’t walk properly. My whole body was inflamed and I was getting more ill than feeling well. The doctor was treating my condition aggressively with very high doses of cortisone because he said I was acutely ill, each dose 3 times a day equalling 100 prednisone at a time – apart from a selection of other strong medication to clear my chest infection.

I got concerned when the physiotherapist came to see me but wouldn’t percuss me because I was having broncho spasms. When he came around again after 5pm, he said that there was cause for concern and that my body was extremely inflamed. I had not passed urine since the morning and my body was retaining liquid. I had put on 7kgs in 4 days which was unnatural. The nursing sister phoned the doctor around 6pm to tell him her concern and I spoke with him to. The answer wasn’t a diuretic because there might be a blockage so he suggested the nurse install a catheter! I was a bit distressed.

I called Cammy, my mummy, and Ercilia (Ps Mitesh’s wife) who started praying immediately. Pastor Mitesh prayed over the phone and suggested I read some Spirit of Prophecy that he had downloaded for me on my laptop and to stay calm. I started reading from EG White Ministry of Healing and the chapter on natural remedies spoke of how the Prophet Isaiah used a fig poultice to cure King Hezekiah’s boil and that Jesus made a mud solution to heal a blind man. I thought of the only natural things I had with me – an orange and an apple – neither of them diuretics, that Cammy had brought me during the week. I took the orange,  prayed over it in faith, asking God to use this orange for His glory, to help me have increased faith in His power to turn my situation around. I ate with relish. A group of nurses changing shifts gathered around my bed to offer advice for the night, compassionately giving all the encouragement I will need to get through the night until I could see the doctor in the morning, who suggested a kidney function test. The kind sister said I should shower regularly during the night, or leave the tap running and sit on the pan for a while until I could pass urine. They were on call if I needed the catheter inserted. The night sister gave me a reassuring hug and more advice. They saw my tears.

I listened to Blessed Assurance on Youtube to calm myself and sang in my raspy, broken voice until it started becoming clearer. I started feeling the need to urinate. I turned on the tap and sat on the pan. It started happening! From a trickle, to full-on urination,  14 times since last night! The swelling is subsiding and my peak flow test is now around the 400 mark instead of the 150 – 250! I slept well, no hacking and coughing, just many successful trips to the toilet. God is miraculous and awesome, beyond anything I can ever imagine!

After praying, continue to claim the promise—after the prayer is made, if the answer is not realised immediately, do not be weary of waiting and become unstable. Waver not. Cling to the promise…

“Faithful is He that the importunate widow, urge your case, being firm in your purpose. Is the object important and of great consequence to you? It certainly is. Then waver not, for your faith may be tried. If the thing you desire is valuable, it is worthy of a strong, earnest effort. You have the promise; watch and pray. Be steadfast and the prayer will be answered; for is it not God who has promised?”  –  Proverbs 80.2


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