The power of NO

[spacer height=”20px”] Can you remember the exact number of times you’ve ended up doing something because you felt bad for saying no?…

Well neither can I, but I know it’s been too many times! Yes, I’m one of those people who have always had a hard time with saying no. Call it “people pleasing”, being a “suck-up” or having “no spine” – but the words: “No, sorry. I can’t do that,” have been the hardest thing to utter 😩

Generally I have have firm and decisive ways, yet those come to conflict with my kind and helpful persona. I always try my best to be as good and helpful as I can in most situations, but I have finally learned the very important lesson that – I need to help myself before extending a hand in help for others. Sounds low-key selfish, but it simply is not.

My new understanding was triggered by something so random (I must admit). The last time I was on an airplane, I decided to pay particular attention to the (very theatrical) announcement made by the air-hostesses as the plane takes off. You know, the one that informs you about how to help the airline secure every passenger’s safety and what to do in case of emergency… It was then that it hit me, we are given strict instructions to make sure that our own oxygen mask is securely on, before we attempt to help others.

I then asked myself: “girl, how far do you think you gon’ get being a start-up helping other start-ups?” Lol, I know it’s weird that I refer to myself as a start-up, but it makes sense because I’m a young adult who is currently working towards establishing myself, my career, my social circle and etc.


So, moral of the story: invest way more time, energy and other resources into building yourself and eventually you’ll be able to assist in building others.

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