The Gym: Women Issues

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Ok ladies. So you’ve finally worked up the courage to walk into a gym and begin your fitness journey. Good for you, your body will thank you for it! Or will it? Hmmmm…

As much as gym is now a trendy thing to do, we go to gym not only to get fit but to also socialise and sometimes to bond with our loved ones (though sometimes it just serves as a good excuse to get out of home). All of which are good reasons to get you in the right direction. But allow me to get real with you and let’s just talk about some of the things that I feel are ignored or are shamed upon and eventually lead to a lot of women not going to gym anymore.

I’ll start by sharing one my embarrassing little woman issue that I faced once upon time (if you’re a mom perhaps you might have gone through it or not but here goes…)

I once peed myself during aerobics class but pretended it was sweat and swiftly left the class pretending to be suffering from a migraine headache and couldn’t carry on anymore. As any embarrassed person would, I never set foot in that class again. Lols 🤣

Here’s the thing, whilst this might seem like a full bladder issue that just needed to be emptied – it wasn’t. My bladder was just fine, well until I started doing jumping jacks which made the impact of my feet to the ground pound on my uterus which then let everything loose due to a weak pelvic floor caused by giving birth naturally. Yuup, doctors confirmed it.

So ok you get it, I have a bladder problem so why tell us you might ask… Well I have come to realise that I am not the only one with this problem and many other problems too and I would like to share a few tips of my own.


How to prepare for gym:

    1. Wear a sanitary pad if you have a bladder problem when doing cardio and an adult pamper when lifting heavy weights as your body reacts differently to different intensity’s of exercise.
    2. Wear a long t-shirt if you are gifted down there and have a very visible pelvic bone like me to avoid uncomfortable stairs and have peace of mind when working out,
      Wear a sanitary pad as a panty liner will not do you any justice.
    3. For the lady with God’s gift to mankind – “the two girls” (or hooters 😉), wear a tight vest over your gym bra under your gym shirt to hold them in place when jumping around, etc.
    4. See through leggings? – DOUBLE UP! Wear a bum short underneath to cover your lovely apple bottom 🍑 You can get them R20.00 at jam stores, pep or sale shops so no need to worry about your pockets there. If you’re worried about comfort, I’d recommend you get them from JAM clothing, they come in bright colours and feel like you have no underwear on so I guess it’s safe to say that they are very comfortable.

Yours in fitness 🏋🏾‍♀️


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