The Greatest Love Of All

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I think Whitney Houston was really onto something when she wrote this song. The greatest love you’ll ever know is within oneself.

Religion and various societal norms praise individuals that put their needs after those of others. The sacrificial love of God giving His only Son for the forgiveness of humanity’s sins, parents who suffer years of poverty and oftentimes abuse to give their children a home, or even a partner deferring his/her own ambitions to enable their other half to fulfil their dreams.

These are all instances where self love would be frowned upon in disdain.

However, I have come to acknowledge a different opinion on love. What if the source of the greatest love really begins by loving yourself and allowing yourself to be loved?

How do we accept the love of God our Saviour, of our children, or partners or friends if we feel unworthy of love? 

To love is to start by acknowledging that you yourself are loved. Love in action is an outward reflection of what already exists inside you.

What would you have to give in any relationship of that weren’t true?

Next time you express love, ask yourself- am I doing this out of the love I hold inside or because I yearn for love? 

This Valentine day, before you search for love in other people, ensure it exists inside of you first 🌹

Inspirationally Yours,

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