The Blood Type Diet

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This is one diet I strongly believe in. As a matter of fact my friend always teases me about this πŸ˜’ “Aphelele doesn’t eat that…”Β – she’d start-off saying. “She’s blood type AB,” her closing remark is usually followed by a loud laugh πŸ˜£πŸ˜’πŸ˜§

Although it really should, this teasing doesn’t get to me. I actually REALLY do stand by this diet because I once lived by it and it worked wonders for me. I particularly like it because it not only advices about food for weight loss, but it also reveals which food is not ideal for you because of health and wellness reasons.

So as rudely announced by my friend earlierΒ πŸ˜’, I am a blood type AB. This is a mix of the the A and B blood types (mom’s A and dad’s B). I thrive on a mixed diet. Mixed in moderation, of course. I do extremely well on a pesceterian diet, that’s a vegetarian diet with the inclusion of seafoodΒ πŸ‘Œ This diet is not only great for weight loss, but I can also physically feel its benefits on my body (energy levels, moods and all).

So when I initially went on this diet it was a family effort, we all tested for our blood types and found out that we all had different ones. Of course this gave the resident chef (my mom) a headache every time she had to put together a meal for the fam 😣😭 But because ‘n boer maak ‘n plan we sunk into a warm plate every evening πŸ˜‹

This also inspired me to learn more about each blood type and even though my father and I were the most committed to this – everyone seemed to be happy with its results βœ” The table in the featured image (above) gives a brief summary of each blood type’s ideal diet πŸ”

Alright, so what do you think? Would you give it a try? Or do you just love your red meat way too much – type As??

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