The Big “P”



What is it? Do I need it? Why don’t I understand what that means for me?

Some people are born with a natural talent, a skill that they can harness into adulthood that makes their lives meaningful – ministry that drives everything they do. Others grow into – stumbling upon it as life’s challenges push them to discover their real calling. The rest? Well, somewhere between trying to blend in, making it through school, paying bills etc. people get lost in the mundane hum-drum of  everyday life and the word purpose does not even feature in their lives any more. The struggle to survive overwhelms the true meaning of  your life and you wake up years later asking yourself “what did I do with my life?”.

Hopefully that won’t happen to you or anyone you know. But, do we need to have the answer? I do believe there is value in enjoying the journey and learning to grow into yourself and the value you add to your family, organisation and community.

Point is, answers are overrated. For as long as one is growing and learning, you are getting closer to that ever-elusive purpose. Life will take you where you need to be at that exact moment. Ever wondered why you keep running into the same issues or problems? That’s usually because you haven’t yet learnt the real lesson or grown from the experience.

As for me, it’s been almost 3 decades and I’m nowhere near understanding what my purpose is. But hey, I have learnt what I don’t want and what my interests are soo I’ll just let that guide me for now.

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  1. What you’re saying is so true! Well, atleast it is for me. For a long time I believed I knew what my life’s purpose was, yet the more I learn about life, about myself, about other people – the more it changes.

    And so I continuously find myself asking should a person’s life really only have ONE purpose??

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