The Art of Forgiveness 🌻


We forgive not because people who might have wronged us deserve our forgiveness, but we forgive as a means to free ourselves from the enslaving grudge and having to walk around with the toxicity that comes with unforgiveness…

In life,  as we go about living our lives and minding our own business, with well-meaning intentions even, we will undoubtedly come across circumstances or rather people that might even hurt us in ways unimaginable and the onus rests on us as to whether we choose the easy option of holding onto a grudge or the hardest one that requires much strength.


As much as it may be easier to not forgive, it also eats away at you for as long as you choose to hold onto unforgiveness. It is like a cancer that eats away at your soul and ultimately cause you to become a bitter unpleasant individual.


Matter of factly, forgiveness is not for the feint-hearted. It takes a strong individual to forgive but there is somewhat an inexplicable peace that comes with it.


Contrary to common belief, forgiveness may not be an immediate state to arrive at. Sometimes it’s not even possible to forgive right there and then but it’s a continuous process that requires great intent and consistency.

Also, we sometimes come across individuals that don’t even see the need to ask for forgiveness nor do we think they deserve our forgiveness. They might not even be remorseful, but in order to free ourselves from the burden of harbouring unforgiveness in our hearts, we choose forgiveness.


In hindsight, forgiveness frees us more than it does the other person, choose forgiveness instead.


Yours in inspiration,
Nondumiso  ✍🏾

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