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‘You’re such an alarmist. You love being in emergency and panic. Stop! – is what my best friend said to me after I sent her a frantic lengthy voice note. I first had to find out if “alarmist” is even a real word because it sounded a bit made up but it’s real.

Alarmist someone who exaggerates a danger and so causes needless worry or panic.

Dictionary Definition

After reading up on what it meant, I had one more thing to do – change my twitter handle to ‘alarmist’ because it was spot on. Am I the only person who goes off on a never ending panic attack for the tiniest things? Because damn. I do it all the time and it had become one of those things I don’t like about myself but have decided to live with, but not anymore.

I can’t stress this enough – worry is completely normal, it’s not ideal but it’s normal and so is a bit of panic (e.g. the mini panic attack you get when you can’t find your cell phone). Being an alarmist is like taking worry and panic, dressing it up and giving it legs to run wild. And here’s the thing, your level of worry is usually determined by the seriousness of the situation and the severity of the outcome.

Alarmists (count me out, I’m now a recovering alarmist) take the seriousness and severity of a situation and MAGNIFY it. It’s both a blessing and a curse (mostly a curse) and you don’t even have to try. With alarmists, someone not texting back can go from ‘I wonder what they’re doing. I’m sure they’ll get back to me soon to:..
What if they’re ignoring me? I hope they’re not…
What did I do?
What if they show up angry and upset?
What’s going on??! OMMMMGGGG 😱”

Alarmists will find the worst possible and most dangerous scenario and they run with it. It’s actually a tad bit funny now that I’m thinking about it. Another thing with being an alarmist is that you’re always making assumptions, because your exaggeration has to have some sort of base and because there is no real reason why you’re alarmed – you make a lot of assumptions based on how much you’ve exaggerated the situation. 

It’s so unnecessary being an alarmist, there’s really no upside and I low-key think it breeds pessimism because you’re never alarmed that something good might happen, it’s always the worst of the worst. Then there’s the aftermath of trying to calm yourself down and un-think the thoughts you’ve put in your head, ‘un-crazy’ yourself basically. It’s really tiring.

Worrying about a situation has never changed anything, how much more an exaggerated situation? So basically you’re worrying yourself about something that does not yet exist. It’s emotionally taxing because of how much your mood is constantly fluctuating. You go from one thought to the next without really processing the information thoroughly and you’re putting unnecessary stress on yourself.

It’s best to see how a situation plays out give yourself time to think about what it is that you can do to calm yourself down while looking at a situation for what it is not what you’ve exaggerated in your head.

And remember to always enforce positive thinking, always. Are you an alarmist? Or do you know one? Let me know what you think about our unique kind by leaving a comment below 👇🏾

Your in inspiration,

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