That time of the Year…


What is the purpose of living? What does it really mean to live? Can we really be happy with life? Is there a such as thing  happiness? Or do we just roll with the punches and call that happiness?
These are the questions I believe that most of us find ourselves asking at some point in our lives.

The year is almost over and everyone is almost in panic mode trying to figure out if they have achieved their goals and met their deadlines for the year. There’s Christmas decorations and invites everywhere and we are really feeling the pressure and the question is why?

Why do we do this to ourselves as if this is the last year we are alive? We somehow forget that the next year has 360 days and 12 months too. Its just another year and it doesn’t matter if you didn’t get that summer body or ring on your finger or promotion or graduation. It’s ok really no one cares. Honestly though no one cares because we all too busy trying to get this life thing going. So it’s ok as long as you know its not the end and you can start again. As long as you keep your fire burning and ready to ignite and explode again. It’s ok.

I have been hit with a reality that my 6 year old is starting big school next year and I am not ready to let go of her yet. She ties her own shoe laces and chooses her clothes and combs her hair. These are normal growing up obstacles but for a mom it means she’s becoming more independent and soon she won’t need me around. It’s quite overwhelming and I am finding myself wanting to make the most of this year with her. I mean its cute but a little too dramatic because ill always be her mom. Ill always have things to help her in and I have the whole of next year and the other year etc. Difference is she’ll be dressed differently and I thing that’s how we should approach life too. Second chances and lost time will always be there but dressed differently. So take each day as it comes and be kind to yourself, it’s almost Christmas. You might just charm an old white man dressed in red (winks)

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