That Awkward Moment…


This awkward moment starts with an awkwardly uncomfortable question, asked by a daughter, to be answered by non-expectant mother…

It was a beautiful hot and sticky afternoon in the sunny Empangeni, a town near Richard’s Bay in South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal. The clock had just hit 14:30pm on a weekday, and you know what that means right? HOME-TIME 🎉

The summer was still alive and school had just began. Excitement trending because I was in a new phase of my education, I was now in the intermediate phase of primary school and to top it off I had just started at a new school. Alright, so it was after-school and my mother had fetched me and we were making our way home. The afternoon drives back home, with my mom, were laid back and chilled (quite literally – AIRCON 💨). They served as the perfect place and time for the day’s reflection and a mother-daughter reconnection.

My mother served both as a mother and a friend. She succeeded in creating an atmosphere around her that I felt quite comfortable in. Don’t get me wrong, my mom was a mother – she had laws and wasn’t afraid to knock some sense into me (oh and knock she did!) Yet I have also always understood her to be my biggest friend. Well I chose to make her that, because I always felt she was the perfect candidate for the position, why? Well she not only loved me unconditionally, but I felt that I could wholeheartedly trust the advice she gave me, because it came from a heart that genuinely wanted only the best for me. She and the rest of my family are people whose intentions I can trust simply because they aren’t wanting to selfishly gain anything from my existence.

So on this one day I had a particularly uncomfortable question for my mom. “Mama, today at school I was being laughed at because I have a dimple,” I cried. To which my mom responded: “Hawu, why would anyone want to make fun of such beauty? What were they saying?” I was so glad she had asked me that, her question served as an ice-breaker for the uncomfortable question that followed. The boys in my class were having a private conversation and when I walked past them they released the loudest laugh I had ever heard in my life. Of course this instantly made me grow self-conscience and want to find out what they were laughing at. As a result of this I asked them, and the answer I received was: “Children only get dimples if their mother gives their father a blow job, and you have a dimple so…” and they once again let out a huge, rowdy laugh.

I must admit, I was only feeling distressed because of the amount of passion this group of boys had when they laughed at me. Their passion inspired other classmates of mine to join in the laughter and I was utterly embarrassed 😣 I explained all of this to my mother and finaly blurted out: “Mama, what is a blow job? And did you give it to my father?”

😳😰😱😩 – the expression on my mother’s face was priceless! The funny thing is that her expression gets funnier the older I become. I now have more of an understanding of how awkwardly uncomfortable answering this question must have been for her. My mother was such a legend though, she managed to keep calm and progressed ever so gracefully…

I very recently (and quite randomly) remembered this awkward moment, I bet it beats yours by far – go ahead and tell me your #AkwardMoment down below ⬇ and let’s compare 😜


Written in fond memory of Ruby Phuti Chonco, may you continue to rest in eternal peace di-Mamzo ❤️

Yours in all awkwardnesses,


14 Comments on “That Awkward Moment…

  1. Ohhh my little sis though. I must say you are a very good story teller, I enjoued reading every paragraph of this article.Well done. As for the awkward moment lol you got me laughing out sooo loud that I ended up coughing. I miss her so dearly.

  2. Aphsie, this was such a funny story. By the way, I also happen to call mama dimamzo ❤

    1. Really cuz? Di-mamzo is the perfect informal way to show love ne? Thanks so much for having a read – so glad you enjoyed it 💃🏾

  3. Oh my! As i read the story, i can picture my friend trying to remain calm and respond as if she is not astonished. A good read sunshine.

    1. Thank you mama 🌹 Yoh she really did try her utmost best to hide how she was really feeling about having to answer this question 😅

  4. Your mom was amazing….swollen feet in my house after a whole day of trying to find you accommodation still she was cheerful….i can imagine when you asked this question….mmmmhhh sinizele some questions you ask render us speechless

    1. Lol lol imagine nje auntiza! Now when I think back to this day I can’t help but feel bad for her ❣ Thank you for having a read Auntiza, much appreciated 🙏🏾

  5. Lol I remember this story shame sis, don’t know what I would have said being in Mom’s position but she always had her ways of dealing with anything❤️ Calm as a cucumber 🥒 all the time Kids can be so cruel yoh! I always tell B I’ll answer all her “big” questions when she’s 13 ngivelwe cause sekuseduze

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