Stop Setting Yourself Up For Failure!


“Lower your expectations so that you don’t ever suffer from disappointment.” I know I could not possibly be the only one who has received these words…

But what are these words actually, really telling us to do?
To kill all hope that’s within?
To switch the lights on and stop dreaming?
To subscribe to a mediocre life experience, all with the intention of not hurting?

Oh no, quite frankly I strongly disagree 🙅🏾‍♀ Experiencing hurt and disappointment is exactly what stimulates growth… Yes, the moments of disappointment and hurts certainly aren’t life’s most precious experiences, yet just like everything else in life – these only last for a moment and joy is sure to come in the morning ☀️

Having said that, I rate we should keep our expectations high and learn how to quickly bounce back and pick-up where we left off 👌🏾

If success is what we’re all pursuing then surely something as small as disappointment shouldn’t even matter 🤷🏾‍♀️

Your in Inspiration,

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