Stand Firm In Your Beliefs


Dare to have enough courage to boldly proclaim your beliefs and remain unshaken. Be immovable. Know what feeds your fire…

Imagine the state an unrooted plant would be in if the environment it’s found in is synonymous for strong winds. It wouldn’t be able to stand strong. It would have no ‘back-bone’ (so to say).

Life’s ups and downs require that you know exactly what you’re here for. My father always says to me: “The importance of knowing what you want in life, is that you won’t allow yourself to be derailed by those who are just: ‘going with the flow.” Or anything else 🤷🏾‍♀️

I think this is low-key why I’m not too fond of people with commitment issues, because it’s normally a result of their inability to decide what they want, work towards achieving it and never giving up. But guess what? We all have commitment issues (to some extent), we become successful, though, when we fight past them and commit to our vision 👌🏾

I rate it is very important to first decide why you’ve chosen to believe and use that to motivate you when the ‘wind blows’ with more power 🌬

What are your beliefs? And I mean your long-term, never-changing-my-mind beliefs? How do you motivate yourself to remain strong in them? 

Yours in Inspiration,

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