So Here’s The Plan…


I refuse to hold any of it in, I am ecstatic that I made it into the new year! I roll my eyes at most holidays and celebrations, but the blessing of a new year excites me. I am not typically one for “new year, new me” resolutions because, let’s be honest, most of them don’t make it past January. However, the desire of wanting to improve oneself is one I esteem highly. I am all for purposeful living and reaching my destiny by fully applying myself in all aspects of life.

Before the excitement of new beginnings kicked into full gear, I had already resolved to make some necessary changes. Being the dreamer that I am, I know exactly what I want for my life. My dreams are big enough to give me heart palpitations every now and then but that is a good thing in my view – “if you must dream, might as well dream big” I say! Back to the topic. Reflection plays a pivotal role in the pursuit of purpose, I believe. If we do not look back to track our habits, it becomes difficult to track our progress.

So I took some time out, in the last month of 2017, to review my year and analyze my life. I considered my financial, health and career habits among others. Looking back, I realize I could have made better choices in every area of my life. That extra effort would have advanced me even further than I went. All is not lost though, I learnt my lesson. The thought of not doing my best has led to a sense of desperate resolve. Nothing will change unless I do, and I plan to… literally.

One of my greatest mistakes was poor planning (the complete lack thereof – to be honest). Surprising when you consider that I have every dream and aspiration mapped out on detailed boards and sections on Pinterest. I do know what I want, but clearly that is not enough. Sure I wrote a few notes and reminders on my phone to keep track of things I needed to do on a daily basis, but less often than I should have. There is also social media, one tab away, tempting to distract me for hours on end. My only method of planning failed dismally at serving its purpose. I relied, almost completely, on my memory 🤦🏾‍♀️. The result was missed deadlines and appointments here and there, and the regret of knowing I didn’t do my best. Don’t get me wrong, I grew in inumerable ways and I am grateful for it all, but my truth is that I could’ve done better.

What I needed was a map of steps to take to get to my desired end, clear goals that have definite time frames. This is why I have resolved to utilize a life planner and journal(s) for 2018… the excitement stirring up within me as I write this!

Having a planner is simply necessary. You have to document tasks you need to accomplish on a daily basis, note down important dates and events, whether it be for your job, personal life or career. It is difficult to remember everything by head.

Journaling on the other hand is (or should be) fun and inspiring. The best part is that there are no rules, your journal is your space and you get to fill those pages with whatever you wish to. You can have a single journal or multiple journals for different purposes… a budget journal, travel journal, personal diary, career goals, prayer journal, gratitude journal… whatever that you wish to write about. The point is to get those thoughts and plans onto paper, add quotes and doodles to customize it to work for you. Use it for simply dumping thoughts keeping you up at night onto paper, if you run out of ideas. Having kept multiple journals in the past, I know the positive impact journaling has on self discovery and personal growth. I liken it to looking yourself in the mirror and seeing your own soul, that is only if you do it sincerely and honestly of course.

All these things considered, I know that ideas don’t work unless I do. The point of writing tasks and ideas down is to have them readily available for usage. It’s not enough to dream, you have to get up and chase your dreams.

Yours in ✍🏾


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