Slip, Trip & Bump – getting over the slump

[spacer height=”20px”] Ever had a period in your life where everything seems to be at a standstill? Or worse yet – you’ve been putting in effort and hours into your training, studying or business and just as when you see progress, life throws you a curveball and boom – you’re down again. You’re disorientated and confused – you were doing so well and now, well – not so much.

I must sadly admit that I can’t remember what has happened in the last few weeks of my life. After suffering a viral infection, the doctor gave me strict instructions to lay off marathon training. See, being a results-driven person – nothing counts unless I can account for what I have completed or accomplished in that time (running more km’s, improving my speed, etc.). So since I had so much more time on my hands – not having to wake up at 4am for training  – I’ve had a whole lot more time for thinking.

It’s dawned on me that I may not be the only one that feels like this (and waaay too often about a myriad of things). A lot of us get stuck in the frustration when we hit a bump in the road – whether in our relationships, careers, whatever. Why is it that we experience the same trials and tribulations over and over even when you’re doing all you can to overcome.

It is crazy how the pearls of wisdom that can help us maneuver through life are actually so simple – I came across a quote that simply said (this is me paraphrasing now) “your situation won’t change unless you do”. Simply put, maybe it’s not your circumstances but your attitude that is the problem. Maybe if you started appreciating other factors of your life, the ones you thought need breakthrough will all of a sudden not be so important, you may discover something you love even more. Hey, doors may be waiting to be opened, and here you are trying to unlock the same stubborn, clinky, old padlock.

In the last few weeks, I may not have hit my personal best on the road, neither have I cracked the code as to where this career path of mine is going – but I’ve actually had a lot of fun. I’ve had weekends to spend with friends (since I wasn’t recovering from a long run), time to reconnect with family, and appreciate everything else I’ve got going for me.


As for getting over the slump, my small piece of advice is “motivation is seasonal, discipline is all we have” – another pearl of wisdom from one of my amazing friends. Get back on the wagon, take baby steps, and most of all – be consistent. Nothing worthwhile comes easily.

Namaste – yours in ✍🏾


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