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A lot of people enjoy the simple things in life. What is simplicity? Simplicity can be, well, as simple as a cup of tea on a cold winter’s day. Or a slice of toast smothered with jam. Yes, that cold glass of Oros when the sun is out to play ☀️


We often hear the phrase ‘less is more’ but why does the phrase become questionable when we talk about life at large? If you’re confused then let me break it down for you…

When certain people say they love the simple things in life, sometimes they mean their whole life, their existence, they want it to be simple. But people don’t understand that.


By ‘simple’ I mean they are content with a small house, an ‘average’ job, loving family, just enough to put food on the table and clothes on their back. A reliable car to take them where they need to be. A small colour tv to watch their favourite tv shows. That’s what they want, they are content, they are happy, they are living simply.


Why should they be ashamed (or rather why do we shame them) that they ‘aren’t ambitious’ and don’t want to start their own businesses or have an array of degrees. That they don’t want more or the ‘best’ out of life? But why can’t that be THEIR best?


Life is about living it to the fullest, on your own terms and conditions. If, let’s say, my aspiration in life is to be a happy housewife that cooks and cleans for her husband and kids every day, then why the hell not? Maybe I don’t like wearing suits and heels and spending my day in an office with the aircon set on North Pole levels 🥶


Maybe I don’t want to answer to any boss and would rather be the boss of my home? Maybe I’m happy to serve my family. Not because I’m lazy or lack the ability to be ‘more’. It’s usually the ‘we grind while you sleep’ brigade that constantly has us feeling like we are doing something wrong. Or not doing enough! Grind ya’ll. Grind away, but don’t involve us please ✌🏾


Do you know how nice sleeping is⁉️I’ll have you know that the Dr recommends 8 hours of it and quite frankly I would appreciate an hour more. SO WHAT?

"Don't spend your life working for someone else, do you want to be a servant your whole life, what about your dreams..."
Whatevs 🤚🏾

😒 blah blah blah, the reality is we can’t ALL be business owners. Who is gonna work for us? Also, what if my dream is to have a good and stable job that caters for my financial and social needs? Or is my dream not big enough? And if yes then according to Who? (because I’d like to have a word with them).


The irony of this post is that it’s coming from someone with crazy dreams. Big ones. The kind that people will look at you funny at for having because they are waaaaay too big, but outside that big bubble of mine I understand that not all people are like me, nor should they be, (saying this very lightly because wow I’m amazing and ya’ll should really aspire to be more me 😅).


But my point here is, you wanna own an island? Then go for it boo. No one is stopping you. In fact we are happy and proud and love to watch you succeed and get it. But if we’re okay with getting a small piece of land (while we wait to get the rest back) then allow us. Don’t tell us we are wasting our lives living on normal land.


Let’s set our own paths and walk in our different directions. The important thing is that we are happy 😄

Simply Yours,
Buhle Mazibuko ✍🏾


*This blog-post was first published on 12 June 2017, here on the insideWomen Blog

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  1. This a beautiful piece, laced with various elements of self-awareness such as purpose, individuality, hopes and dreams.

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