September Is For Lovers 😍


I have a deep appreciation for the month of September, simply because my favourite human being was born right at the beginning of this month  🎉

My other reason for loving September is that it marks the end of Winter 🥶 and the beginning of Spring 🌸 The truth is: it only gets better from there with the official launch of SUMMER ☀️ 🍦 🏖 🥂


#RubyPhutiChonco is my absolute favourite human in this life 🙌🏾  She is my late mother, who continues to inspire and motivate me in her absence. My truth is that I’ve managed to keep her alive, by constantly praying for her and channeling her memory 🙏🏾


I certainly have accepted her passing and know there is absolutely no way to get her back physically – but I feel closest to her now spiritually, than ever before 💯


So I’ve decided to do something special every year at the beginning of Spring (I’m also a Spring-Baby BTW 🥳) and this year I really did…

My mother continually reassured me about the importance of sisterhood and those pearls of wisdom have never left my sight 💎


I can’t wait to share with you exactly what I keep hinting at – just know that it was between me, my #SisterSquad and my fashion brand UP_PHELELE –  so much fun was made❣️


Look out for our big reveal on UP_PHELELE’s IG right HERE!


Yours – but mine first,
Aphelele ✍🏾  

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