Self-care Tips For The Silly Season

[spacer height=”20px”] It’s that time of the year – the countdown to Christmas, wedding season in full swing & our social calendars are more lit than ever.

Somehow every year, the one or two week year end break feels more exhausting than just getting up and going to work. This year (or should I say next year), I actually want to start the new year really feeling relaxed and rejuvenated – not hung over from reckless over indulgence.


So I’ve devised a strategy to enjoy my time with friends and family, whilst prioritising my well being. Don’t know if it’ll work, but here goes:

    1. You don’t have to accept every invitation: I’m reserving my holiday time to invest in the people that mean the most to me. You can miss me with the late nights of small talk with acquaintances. Although office year end parties are meant for relaxing and networking, it’s also ok to stay for dinner and excuse yourself & free up time for your nearest and dearest.
    2. Stay active & hydrated: if theres one thing that depresses me every January- it’s that holiday pooch. Although I know I’ll be having everything on that Christmas menu – I’m keeping my meals and exercise routine normal as far as possible. That way, I can enjoy family meals and drinks with friends guilt-free. There is no need to be having waffles and ice cream for breakfast throughout December. Besides, it’s pretty nice having an empty gym to yourself over the festive season. Great time to try new routines.
    3. Manage money responsibly: and that includes an allowance for entertainment & (post Christmas) shopping. Ever noticed how everything goes on sale just a few days after the big holiday? Im willing to wait for those bargains. But once the allowance is done, it’s back to basics. January budget blues are not my vibe.
    4. Practice gratitude: you made it through an entire year with your sanity (or at least your head) in tact – that’s enough to want to enter the new year better than you did the last.


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