Self Appreciation

[spacer height=”20px”] Often times we wait for others to shower us with love and endearment that we get disappointed when (and if) they withhold such from us… We anticipate words of praise and worship from external forces and often overlook that the most powerful and sincere ‘pat-on-the-back’ is from within ourselves.

Self- appreciation isn’t necessarily a narcissist act, but it is one’s way of saying to yourself: “I love you, I value you,” and simply conveying a message of thanks to one’s self. More often than not – we expect to receive such from others that when they don’t give it to us, we get disappointed and feel somewhat unvalued.

Truth of the matter is that the only person that knows what you’ve been through and how much you’ve had to endure is You. You remain the only and most  authentically viable measure of your own level of endurance as well as resilience.

As this year gradually draws to a close, I would like to bring you to the centred realisation that you have not only survived but you have thrived! It’s not a little matter that through everything that you have had to take in your stride in the last few months, you remain standing still.

It is by the grace of the Lord that you are still here and He has sustained and strengthened you when your feet went feeble.

Just take this moment and appreciate yourself, thank yourself, applaud yourself, shower yourself with love and adoration for just being the rubber-band individual that has kept bouncing back through all the circumstances in which life has kept stretching you.

Sure, many others have borne witness of your strength and ability to keep rising above the odds but only you know the extent of what it took for you to keep going, thus still being here now.

Would you kindly say: “Dearest (Insert your name), thank  you for carrying me through until thus far, for your will power to keep going even with odds stacked up against you, for your acts of resilience and strength. For being such a loyal and faithful steward of this life assigned to you, thank you. I love and appreciate you.”

Through disappointments, many as they may be, you are still here. Now that alone is commendable! Applaud yourself for merely surviving!

You yourself, as much as anybody in this universe deserves your love and affection.  A modest dose of love to self is entirely healthy!

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Nondumiso Kubheka


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