Seedtime & Harvest


Here’s the thing, I don’t believe in “karma” per say but I do believe in the concept of you “you get what you give”. Correct me if I’m wrong, but karma has more to do with what you do to others coming back to you, right?

I believe it goes beyond that. To me, it’s not just about what you do to others, it’s purely about what you do daily – to others, to yourself, your career, your health, your finances – everything. Everything you say and do is a seed you sow and sooner or later it will bear fruit.

Can we agree that “what goes around comes around” or do I have to prove it first? Growing up I used to suck my left thumb; my parents did all they could to try and stop me because they knew what a bad habit it was. I finally grew old enough to decide whether or not I want continue sucking my thumb or not, and guess what?

I decided – “can’t stop, won’t stop, get it get it” and what do I have to show for this decision – a crooked smile and a visible gap between upper jaw and lower jaw. That’s what 18 years of sucking your thumb can do. Obviously 10 years into it, I never thought I’d have a visible gap let alone a lisp at the age of 22.

All those times I sat in the bus on my way to school sucking my thumb have caught up with me nice and easy. Here’s the lesson: for as long as the earth remains – seedtime and harvest will take place.

Seedtime is 8 years of me sucking my thumb before I know the damage it could do with an addition of 12 more years of me intentionally sucking my thumb knowing very well the kind of effect it would have on me at a later time.

Harvest began 4 years ago and will probably go on forever until I decide to get braces. Everything we do is considered seedtime and we need to be conscious of that. You don’t study for a test? You won’t pass it. You might just make it but one day you’ll be working in a huge firm and you won’t prepare for that presentation and you’ll make fool of yourself. Why’s that? Because when you had the opportunity to sow a seed of diligence and a good work ethic you decided to sow a seed of “winging it”.

Everything we do impacts our future whether we like to believe it or not and the sooner we realise the sooner we will start sowing seeds we actually want to harvest in the future. If I had just stopped sucking my thumb when I had the opportunity, I wouldn’t be so self-conscious about my smile. There are things we all sow, some are unintentional and some are intentional. Others we sow because we think “I’m young, let me live my life” but at what expense? Will your future self be happy to harvest all that you’ve sown?

We all have the responsibility of being god to ourselves and sometimes we just miss it because we’re thinking about how certain decisions will benefit us in the moment and not in the future.

2019 me doesn’t want to exercise and eat healthy but I can bet some hard cash that 2046 me will be so grateful that I’m jogging every afternoon as much as I can each week. As long as the earth remains (however long that will be) – that’s all the time you have to sow new things, things that will bring you a good harvest.

Inspirationally Yours,

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